Continuity, Computability, Constructivity -
From Logic to Algorithms (CCC 2017)

Loria, Nancy (France), 26-30 June 2017

The workshop will start on Monday around 9am and will end on Friday around 12pm.

Invited talks are 1h long, contributed talks are 30min long.



The abstracts are available as a pdf.

Invited talks

Matthew de Brecht (Kyoto).
On the commutativity of the powerspace monads
Bernhard Reus (Brighton).
Hybrid Semantics for Higher-Order Store (slides)
Alex Simpson (Ljubljana).
Point-free Descriptive Set Theory and Algorithmic Randomness (slides)
Matthias Schröder (Darmstadt).
Sequentially locally convex QCB-spaces and Complexity Theory (slides)

Contributed talks

Ulrich Berger and Hideki Tsuiki.
Concurrent program extraction (slides)
Franz Brauße, Margarita Korovina and Norbert Th. Müller.
ERA: Applications, Analysis and Improvements
Francesco Ciraulo.
σ-locales and Booleanization in Formal Topology (slides)
Pieter Collins.
Rigorous Function Calculi (slides)
Willem Fouché.
Ramsey actions and Gelfand duality (slides)
Daniel Graça, Cristobal Rojas and Ning Zhong.
Geometric Lorenz attractors are computable (slides)
Reinhold Heckmann.
A Variant of EQU in which Open and Closed Subspaces are Complementary without Excluded Middle (slides)
Tatsuji Kawai.
Duality of upper and lower powerlocales on locally compact locales (slides)
Akitoshi Kawamura, Holger Thies and Martin Ziegler.
Average case complexity for Hamiltonian dynamical systems (slides)
Takayuki Kihara and Arno Pauly.
The Perfect Tree Theorem and Open Determinacy (slides)
Sunyoung Kim, Sewon Park, Gyesik Lee and Martin Ziegler.
Towards Certified Algorithms for Exact Real Arithmetic (slides)
Daisuke Kimura and Makoto Tatsuta.
Decidability in Symbolic-Heap System with Arithmetic and Arrays
Michal Konecny and Eike Neumann.
Types for safe and efficient exact computation (slides)
Margarita Korovina and Oleg Kudinov.
Partial Computable Functions: Analysis and Complexity (slides)
Dominique Larchey-Wendling.
The Computational Content of the Constructive Kruskal Tree Theorem (slides)
Jack H. Lutz and Elvira Mayordomo.
Computing Absolutely Normal Numbers in Nearly Linear Time (slides)
Neil Lutz.
Fractal Intersections and Products via Algorithmic Dimension (slides)
Maria Emilia Maietti.
On real numbers in the Minimalist Foundation (slides)
Samuele Maschio.
A stratified pointfree definition of probability via constructive natural density (slides)
Russell Miller.
Isomorphism and Classification for Countable Structures (slides)
Dag Normann and Sam Sanders.
Nonstandard Analysis, Computability Theory, and metastability (slides)
Giovanni Sambin.
The Minimalist Foundation and its impact for the working mathematician (slides)
Helmut Schwichtenberg.
Computing with infinite data via proofs (slides)

Training session

For those who wish, a workshop is proposed whose aim is to develop presentation skills. It will take place on Thursday 29, from 2pm to 8pm, in the same room A008. A short description is available here.