Continuity, Computability, Constructivity -
From Logic to Algorithms (CCC 2017)

Loria, Nancy (France), 26-30 June 2017

All talks take place in the computer science lab LORIA-Inria in Nancy, room A008 (in front of the "accueil").

Reaching Nancy

To come to Nancy, please follow the instructions available here. If you are taking the train, it is important to read the following information. The French train company SNCF has two tickets systems: So check whether your ticket is electronic or ordinary. If it is an ordinary ticket, then you must collect it at the station (a printed email won't be accepted by the controllers) and you must stamp it. If you are taking the shuttle between Lorraine TGV and Nancy, you might have an ordinary ticket for it, that you can collect at Lorraine TGV station. In case you have doubts, please contact us at

Reaching the LORIA-Inria lab

If your hotel is downtown then there are mainly two ways to reach the LORIA-Inria lab: The tickets are the same for the tram and the bus. You can buy tickets at the machines at the tram stations, in many "Tabac presse" (shops sending tobacco or newspaper) or in "Agence Stan" in the train station. You can buy a Pass 10 which contains 10 trips for 9,40 euros, or a single Pass 1 for 1,30 euros (1,50 euros if you buy it in the bus). Machines accept coins and credit cards.

You can find a map below.


We advise you to take a hotel downtown (roughly between the train station and place Stanislas), where you can find most of the interesting places and restaurants. You can then easily reach the lab by taking the tram (15 minutes) and then walk for 10 minutes.


Some restaurant suggestions in Nancy can be found here.


Here is a map showing the lab, the tram, the bus and a few hotel suggestions: